Rice Family Lawyers

Rice Family Lawyers

Florida Divorces Involving Wealthy Individuals and Large Marital Estates

The Rice Law Firm is experienced in handling divorce cases involving large marital estates.  Whether the case involves a large, non-marital inheritance, a successful family business, intellectual property, a significant law suit settlement, an employee stock ownership plan, stock options, lottery proceeds, a significant financial portfolio, real estate holdings, pensions and annuities or a professional practice, we have the experience and expertise to identify, value and distribute, if necessary, these assets.

Because of the complexity of the laws involving finance and taxation, we work with accountants, investment advisors, appraisers and business valuators to navigate the best outcome for our clients. Often times we engage the services of a certified divorce financial analyst to evaluate the various financial investments and to determine an advantageous way to divide or distribute same. Our attorneys will work closely with these experts to identify all assets of the divorcing parties and to characterize those assets as marital or non-marital and to value same.

A growing number of divorce cases involve pre-nuptial agreements. We have experience in drafting, defending and challenging pre-nuptial agreements. Our attorneys will review the agreement closely to determine whether it should be challenged or enforced. Also, we will evaluate which assets are covered by the prenuptial agreement and whether there has been commingling of assets in violation of the agreement.  We have litigated divorce cases in Florida involving out-of-state prenuptial agreements.  Depending on the language in the out-of-state prenuptial agreement, the law of the other state may apply even though the divorce proceeding is in Florida.

In divorce cases involving substantial financial holdings, it is not uncommon for assets to be titled in the name of a trust, limited partnership or limited liability company, among others. The owner spouse may try to assert that said assets are not part of the marital estate because they are either non-marital or are part of a legitimate estate plan.  With the use of trusts, partnerships and other entities, there is always the potential for hidden assets.  Spouses have been known to resort to extreme measures to try to hide money and/or property from their soon-to-be ex-spouses.  The attorneys at Rice and Rose will work tirelessly to locate and prove the existence of hidden assets.

If you are contemplating divorce and have substantial assets, you should engage the services of an experienced divorce lawyer who will protect your interests and ensure that your assets are protected and/or fairly divided. The family law attorneys at Rice Law Firm will work closely with you and the necessary experts to assure that you are treated fairly in the divorce process.

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